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The Toughest Real Estate in Advertising

Rolling out a new style? Beginning a new integrated marketing campaign? The hardest real estate to control is a retailer's website. Many websites go years without being updated because it is one the hardest aspect of a dealer's business to maintain. The IT guy or web designer has more on, or they want a fortune to make a simple change or addition. Many retailers do without or simply use FaceBook.

It's difficult for a brand to launch a national media campaign that aims to influence the consumer throughout all phases of the shopping experience when they have little or no control of some of the most valuable real estate in the digital marketplace -- the dealer's website.

Over the years, has build profiles on almost every retailer. Our reviews mirror the products and brands that they sell. Now, with excellent results, we are working diligently to get those reviews listed in the top ten organic search results for each retailer.

If you want to educate the consumer on key performance attributes of a new product, drive demand to the independent retailer, reinforce the impressions the consumer has received through traditional advertising, or just want to get more exposure for your brand, can help. We have unlimited space to get your message across.

Why Advertise on leverages our comprehensive reviews of more than 21,027 retailers to deliver high-impact results to manufacturers of home improvement or commercial office products.

Last month, over 732,000 people saw a Zip2Biz Retailer Review in Google's organic search results. That's not counting all the impressions on Bing, Yahoo, and other search platforms. Since 2002, 91,350,893 consumers and commercial buyers have clicked thru to one of our 21,027 dealer websites, profiles, or reviews. That's alot of traffic and your brand can enjoy some of that traffic too!

Each of our dealer websites, profiles, or reviews provide content about all the brands and products each retail store or commercial contractor has to offer. This content includes: What's New, Room Ideas, Featured Articles, Helpful Videos, Social Media Links, and more. Plenty of space for participating manufacturers to get their brand(s) recognized on one of their retailer's reviews. Click here to see an example of a Zip2Biz Retailer Review.

A Zip2Biz Retailer Review is completely free to the home improvement dealer to update and revise. It's just a matter of them claiming their review.

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