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Carpet Cleaning
Expert in home Carpet Cleaning and In-Plant area Rug Cleaning

If a rug can be cleaned, Steve's Rugs can clean it.

Steves Cleaning Standards
for In-Home Cleaning Service:

-We use hot water extraction which is the method advised by the major carpet mills.
It is not just hot tap water, our machinery has an internal heater which keeps the water at the optimum 160 to 170 degrees. (a majority of other machines used do not incorporate heat) You get better and faster results and quicker drying with heat.
-We use only high quality solutions and products from MasterBlend and other leading producers to clean and protect our customers valued possessions. Many inferior products used today may actually damage the material or cause rapid re-soiling.

-All jobs are done by our own employees and are trained at our plant. Steve's Carpet is not a franchise!! All crews are 2 men, not one, and have the knowledge to advise our customers on any question regarding everything from upholstery to oriental rugs. (We need to stress that all oriental rugs, braided, etc. should come in to our plant for cleaning through our 16 foot wide flat bed machine which I liken to a car wash for rugs. They should not be done in the home just because that's the only way other firms can do them. )

-Steve's Carpet Maintenance Program
Contact Treuthart's for more information on our maintenance program.

Our In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning Process:

Step 1
For local customers, Steve's offers convenient pickup and delivery service for all area rug, oriental or upholstery cleaning customers.
Our experts will assess the age, fabric and nature of the soil or stain. Our professional staff is backed by four generations of expertise.

Step 2
Spots and stains are pre-treated with chemicals certified for safe use by the Carpet & Rug Institute. Attention to problem areas and contact with the customer is routine.

Step 3
Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs receive a thorough cleaning in our 16-foot power jet wash, which resembles a car wash for rugs. Nothing beats it for restoring carpets to near-new condition!

Step 4
The rugs, monitored & inspected during this stage may go back through the process two or three times until thoroughly clean. They are then taken to the drying room, where they are secured to huge drying racks. At that point they are hoisted to the top of the 25-foot enclosure.
A 1.75 million - BTU blast furnace heats the room to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect conditions for drying. The dry heat evaporates moisture from the carpet and it's backing before mold and mildew have a chance to set in. These are also ideal conditions for wool and cotton fabric rugs and bindings.

Step 5
The rugs are stored for pickup or delivered right to the customer's home, adding to the ever-growing number of satisfied Steve's customers.

Carpet Repair
Residential and Commercial Carpet Re-stretching

We will fix that annoying bubble in your carpeting which is a standard result of improper installation.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Piecing -
Where there is a stain, the pets won't be reasoned with, or the hot coal dropped, we know how to handle it.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Binding -
Resizing you rug? Old binding repair? Treuthart's can handle it all... even "Hand Sewn" binding.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Seam repair -
If your carpet was not installed properly or coming apart due to age or heavy  traffic.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Edge repair -
Doorways where you may need a metal edge strip or edges where the carpet fibers are detatching. 

Spot Dying -
Where there is color loss from pets or bleaching agents. (we shy away from dying entire rooms as there is no proven "Cost Effective" method that will assure color continuity).Treuthart's recommends this technique be used on small areas only.

These are most of the common repairs , we also handle hand sewing and just about any other type repair that could be done.

If we can't fix it there is no one that can


Expert Installation
We provide expert installation

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of flooring and carpet, we are the experts. Our many years of experience give us the knowledge to resolve any of the problems you may be having. It also helps us to know the little tricks-of-the-trade that most of the other companies don't know.

Items to discuss before installation:

     Measurement: Measure each room or area to determine the necessary square yardage.
     Installation: Double check the delivery date, the installation date, and the estimated time for the installation.
     Furniture Moving: Discuss furniture moving with your installer. Is there a charge for moving it.
     Seams: Prior to the installation, discuss the location of seams with the person in charge of the installation.
     Existing carpet: Who is going to remove existing carpet and cushion. Who will be responsible for disposal.
     Inspection: Prior to installation, inspect the carpet to see that it meets the order specifications of color, texture, and style.
     Power stretch: Good seam sealing is essential for wall-to-wall carpet installation.
     Excess carpet: Would you like to keep any leftover carpet for use as doormats or replacement carpet for the future?