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Jeffrey Court TileJeffrey Court Tile

Jeffrey Court departs from many of our competitors by stocking virtually all items showcased in our "Chapters". This obviously is a costly expense but allows us to better service our exclusive network of dealers and sell through to the major home builders across the U.S. where quick availability is essential. Also, over the years Jeffrey Court has heightened awareness of this decorative category with our advertising in major design magazines like Western Interiors, New York Spaces, and Coast Magazine to name a few. Our "Montage" decorative sample boards are another example of why we are leaders in the industry by smartly combining different decorative elements making design decisions even easier for our customers.

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Eternal by Jeffrey Courtâ„¢
Eternal by Jeffrey Courtâ„¢
Jeffrey Court Tile

One-of-a-kind mosaics and stunning field tiles in an array of materials ranging from premiere marble stones, mother of pearl shell, glass, terrazzo, and handmade ceramics....