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Casabella Wood FlooringCasabella Wood Flooring

Casa Bella Fine Flooring Inc. is leading the hardwood flooring industry in bringing high quality oil finishes to the United States marketplace.

Although these beautiful furniture grade finishes have been enjoyed in European Countries for over 30 years Americans have never been able to obtain flooring products with oil finishes without breaking the bank.

Due to the large demand for oil finishes in the best hotels and commercial locations, we are bringing trip trap oil to America. By merging the cost of Commercial Projects with Residential Projects we are able to make this finish affordable to the most discerning residential consumers as well.

Casa Bella Fine Flooring Inc. is managed by two visionary brothers Luke and Mark Steinmetz who after rigorously studying market trends have concluded that oil finishes are the next major phase in the hardwood flooring industry. Casa Bella has already positioned itself and began taking advantage of the incredible interest surrounding this new frontier in American flooring.