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Robina Bamboo FlooringRobina Bamboo Flooring

Robina's Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is strong and durable, making for some of the densest and hardest floors available. It is extremely stable with tensile strength comparable to steel and compressive strength higher than concrete. The lighter tones of Robina's Natural Bamboo Flooring are actually accomplished with a bleaching treatment. And Carbonized Bamboo Flooring undergoes a heating process to produce its rich caramel tones. Patinas are achieved with an additional blackening technique. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing plant, growing up to four feet per day, reaching heights of 125 feet and 2 foot diameters. Bamboo completes its growth cycle after three to five years, making the stalk ready to harvest. The roots which remain regenerate the bamboo and eliminate replanting. Bamboo is actually a grass. Strand Woven Bamboo is literally shredded into strands and pressed together under intense compression. This technique results in a solid, heavy floor which provides all the durability of hardwoods with the sustainability of bamboo.

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