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All of our SPC and WPC flooring is 100 percent waterproof, which means they can go where engineered or laminate products weren’t sensible — bathrooms, basements, restaurant kitchens, commercial offices, and beyond. The possibilities are limitless.

SPC (stone plastic composite) and WPC (wood polymer composite) are the latest in innovative flooring material technology — offering high performance and versatility. Opt for SPC flooring for a more rigid and heat-resilient surface, or WPC flooring for a natural wood feel.

Featuring Dura Shield™, our premium grade SPC and WPC flooring is durable for high-traffic areas, and resistant against scratches and stains. The rigid core plays well with almost all subfloors without requiring much prep work — making installation a breeze.

100% waterproof
Superior stability
Sound insulating
Rigid and dimensionally stable
Hides subfloor imperfections
Goes over most subfloors with minimal preparation
Glueless installation
No need for expansion moldings
No need for acclimation
Installs over existing concrete or wooden subfloors

The Innova Collection of SPC and WPC flooring offers a wide range of amazingly natural-looking shades and textures that capture modern color trends and classic favorites from our engineered products.

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