Beauflor® Crafted Plank & Tile

Looking for LVT/LVP?
Look no further than Beauflor® Crafted Plank & Tile.

About Beauflor® Crafted Plank & Tile

Beauflor® Crafted Plank & TileBeauflor® Crafted Plank & Tile

Crafted Plank & Tile is one of the most innovative and user-friendly flooring solutions on the market today. As an affordable alternative to traditional wood or tile, it provides homeowners a stylish, long-lasting option that is quick to install, easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and can be changed-out with ease.
At Beauflor®, our Crafted Plank & Tile floors are the perfect combination of style and function. Our Collection warms up your home and is durable, light and quiet. Learn more about our different plank and tile options to find out which is right for you.
With our expansive collection of textures, patterns and finishes, you're bound to find a beautiful and smart solution for every room in your home.

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