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Tarkett Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has it all. Universally embraced for its practical beauty and a rare balance of function with aesthetics, safety with efficiency, and short term costs with lifetime return. Rubber is naturally slip resistant and shock absorbent. Easy to maintain and durable enough to perform for decades, rubber is available in a rich array of colors, patterns and textures.

Solid Color
Solid Color Rubber Flooring offers the industry’s largest selection of colors for rubber tiles. The possibilities are endless. The 24” x 24” tiles are available in 15 unique textures, perfect for environments such as hospitals, nursing homes day cares or as gym flooring. Solid Color Rubber Tile is naturally slip resistant and offers shock absorbing comfort under foot.

Circulinity™ Rubber Tile is inspired by modern textiles, featuring five interchangeable patterns. They are great individually or grouped together. Each design has distinctive light refraction built into each tile to give it dimension. These 24” x 24” tiles are naturally slip resistant, shock absorbing and noise reducing.

MicroTone™ Rubber Floor Tiles offer 45 dynamic colorways with a spectrum of speckles. MicroTone offers underfoot comfort. Naturally slip resistant, MicroTone rubber tiles help to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Offering endless design options, you can even create your very own custom tile colorway.

Minerality™ Rubber Tile and Plank
Minerality™ Rubber Tiles and Planks flooring is inspired by the natural grain of wood and stone materials. Available in a wood look, grain wood planks and stone look, strata tiles. These sophisticated looks are ideal for healthcare, retail and corporate where the benefits of rubber flooring—slip resistance, shock-absorbing qualities and natural acoustic properties—are desired and where real stone and wood flooring is impractical and cost prohibitive.

Mesto Configurations™ Tile
A tonal study with a soft marbleized visual, Mesto Configurations™ rubber tiles can be used together in very subtle gradations to create the effect of layered textural shifts, which are found in geology and other natural formations. With three different tones in each of the 12 color groupings, you can arrange these tiles and planks in a way that reflects the organic color shifts found in nature.

Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Tile
When you’re faced with the challenge of an environment where oil and grease are factors–auto shops, food preparation areas, cafeterias–you need flooring that can look great and still maintain safety standards. Defiant is specially engineered to resist motor and cooking oils and other petroleum products, animal and vegetable fats. That saves on maintenance and replacement costs and reduces slip/fall risks. Meets ASTM specifications D 471 for Oil and Grease Resistance. Requires no additional waxing or sealing.

Eco-Naturals CorkTones™
Eco-Naturals CorkTones™ rubber tile flooring helps you make the world a better place from the ground up. Available in 36 colors, the 24” x 24” rubber tiles are made from rapidly renewable resources, including cork, helping specifiers achieve LEED certification. Perfect for any commercial or industrial rubber flooring application, CorkTones is durable and stands the test of time.

Prima Olio & Marbleized
Ditching dull is where this discussion begins. Have a design in mind that's so unique that it doesn't exist? Well, not for long. WE make it easy to integrate ideas and colors into your own signature rubber flooring - while factoring in safety, productivity and comfort, of course. Capture the character of your space with your own marbleized or oil-and-water effect designs. With our custom Prima offerings, expressing your signature style has never been simpler.

Color Splash
Color Splash Speckled Rubber offers 50 on-trend standard colors, including solid tonal visuals that work alongside multi-colored chipped colorations. Color Splash Speckled Rubber flooring is a great solution for applications where slip resistance, durability, easy maintenance, and comfort underfoot are important. Great for rubber gym flooring. With very low minimums, Tarkett can help you personalize your space, with an easy custom creation process.

With subtle color variations and more random patterning, this large-scale, free-flowing aesthetic lends an open, organic feel and updated appearance to any space—plus all the strength and comfort of traditional rubber flooring. While rubber is often reserved as a safe and comfortable solution for education and healthcare spaces, this stylish design is ready to greet guests and customers in the front of the house, from lobbies to conference rooms to home gym flooring.

2018 Winner of the Best of Year Award in the Hard Flooring category by Interior Design Magazine.

Terra-Turf® Entrance Matting
When a rugged rubber floor mats are what you need you need Terra-Turf® rubber matting. Designed for ramps, entrances, concourses, and other high traffic abuse area, Terra-Turf® rubber mats are built to be tough. Made from post consumer recycled tires, it's rugged and carpet-like texture is comfortable and quiet underfoot.

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