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About Phenix LVT/LVP

Phenix LVT/LVPPhenix LVT/LVP

As a leading manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring, Phenix has been committed to producing the highest quality products since 2006. Using today’s most innovative technology, we make PetProtect® Luxury Vinyl and Rigid Core Luxury Plank that exceed industry standards.

PetProtect® Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The first ever STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Luxury Vinyl product featuring stone tile and wood plank on an oversized, loose lay LVT platform.

Click-to-Lock luxury vinyl flooring that lives up to its name in 6 bold colors with the added protection of STAINMASTER® PetProtect® and a choice of wood or stone looks.

Freely express yourself with a choice of stone or wood to create the perfect floor with the added protection of STAINMASTER® PetProtect® and simple worry-free installation.

Rigid Core Luxury Plank Flooring

100% recyclable, revolutionary rigid core luxury plank combining COREX™ technology with a cork backing.

Revolutionary rigid core luxury vinyl plank that eliminates the need for any additional underlayment, protects against scratches and prevents leakage.

Design Mix Luxury Vinyl Flooring

"Mix and match" flooring solution that allows you to create dynamic spaces for your home with luxury vinyl tile and plank.

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