Beauflor® Laminate Flooring

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About Beauflor® Laminate Flooring

Beauflor® Laminate FlooringBeauflor® Laminate Flooring

At Beauflor®, quality and style are at the forefront of product development. Our laminate collection offers both, which provides the ideal solution for household and commercial applications. Our best-in-class embossing methods and European design aesthetics ensure a flooring solution that is beautiful and built to last. With an AC3 rating for abrasion resistance (and up to AC4 on some products), Beauflor® laminate products are resistant to fade, stain and water, and stand up to normal wear and tear better than other flooring options. Beauflor® is one of only a few manufacturers offering products in a wide range of widths and multiple plank lengths. Hydrana Trendline Pro

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