ADOfloor Waterproof SPC

Looking for Waterproof Flooring?
Look no further than ADOfloor Waterproof SPC.

About ADOfloor Waterproof SPC

ADOfloor Waterproof SPCADOfloor Waterproof SPC

A next generation, waterproof technology using Stone Plastic Composite flooring, our products feature an easy install-locking system, and five layers at a total thickness of 5 mm, including a special wear layer that protects against scratches, spills, and sun damage.

The installation of all ADO Floor products is easy, quick, clean, and quiet. Choose our affordable and durable products to effortlessly build and maintain comfortable and refreshing living spaces. You can draw on a wide variety of design concepts to create your own decorative, warm, and playful floor combinations.

Ado Floor products do not contain materials hazardous to health. We provide unmatched hygiene and heat insulation, ensuring healthier and warmer floors for everyone choosing our products.

With its waterproof Rigid Core technology, as well as antibacterial and acoustic qualities, the new SPC Collection can help you create comfortable working and living environments in a wide range of settings, from sports centers to schools, from hospitals to offices, and other commercial spaces.

Thanks to it’s special multi-layered structure, our products are guaranteed to be waterproof, moisture resistant, and antibacterial.