Aged Woods®

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About Aged Woods®

Aged Woods®Aged Woods®

Our Aged Woods® is recycled from old, destined- for-the-dump barn wood that we turn into kiln-dried, precision-milled, wide plank flooring, paneling and moldings. The look of these remilled antique woods is natural and the result of decades of weathering and the signs of old-time craftsmen. Our Aged Woods® floors are warmly inviting adding the rugged feel of Early America to residences, retail stores, restaurants, casinos, country clubs, etc. The authentic rustic character is virtually unobtainable with new wood. Our Aged Woods® are Distressed by Mother Nature, Aged by Father Time.™

Our Yesteryear™ brand flooring also provides the rugged feel of Early America but at a LOWER price point! This flooring is milled to our same high standards from specially selected, new growth wood. It is available in wide widths and long lengths that are not possible with reclaimed wood. These floors are also perfect for "mountain" homes! And of course, our Yesteryear™ brand flooring comes with our usual high level of quality, consistency and service.