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Schumacher CarpetSchumacher Carpet

The Schumacher Carpet division has been serving the interior design community for more than 70 years, offering an extensive and varied assortment of original patterns, historic reproductions and custom designs. Schumacher is widely recognized for offering classic styling and superior quality in floor coverings.

Schumacher Carpets are available in myriad constructions. The company is best known for its time-honored Wilton carpet designs with coordinating fields and borders, which are offered in a broad range of patterns and colors. The new Bourbon Street Collection, for instance, features rich colors accented with deep brown shades in a worsted wool, five-frame Wilton construction. Patterns include Autumn Gale, a scattered leaf design; Multiplicity and Game Board, two timeless geometrics; and Medley Damask, inspired by a Colonial in-grain design. All patterns coordinate with a series of Wilton borders.

Schumacher also offers a wide-ranging assortment of 100 percent wool tufted and velvet constructions. New collections include Caulkins Floral, a classic worsted wool grouping inspired by archival designs. Many patterns in this collection reflect botanical influences, including a selection of beautifully illustrated scattered vines and tossed leaf designs complemented by a series of coordinating borders.