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Patterson, Flynn & Martin CarpetsPatterson, Flynn & Martin Carpets

The renowned Patterson, Flynn & Martin brand was acquired by F. Schumacher & Co. in 1998 and has substantially expanded the company’s presence and prestige in the high-end decorative carpet business. Founded in 1943, Patterson, Flynn & Martin established its reputation as a supplier of the finest floor coverings, including historic reproductions, Oriental carpets and exclusive Wilton designs.

Under F. Schumacher & Co., the Patterson, Flynn & Martin collection has grown to encompass an expanded variety of constructions, including exquisite hand-tufted rugs and specialty custom carpets. Patterson, Flynn & Martin has broadened its resources to include offerings from Nepal,New Zealand Belgium and England, as well as other European countries and the United States. The company also develops handcrafted rugs based on fabrics, licensed designs or the designer’s own patterns and colors.

Superior service is the hallmark of the Patterson, Flynn & Martin brand. Sales representatives pride themselves on developing personal relationships with interior designers, assessing each client’s needs and recommending the appropriate products to fit the designer’s exacting specifications. Patterson, Flynn & Martin contracts with specialized installers, who work closely with their customers to ensure that carpets fit precisely. These installers excel at complicated applications, such as circular stairways or irregular rooms.

Patterson, Flynn & Martin carpets are distributed exclusively through high-end trade showrooms, including New York’s Decoration &Design Building and Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.