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Merida FlooringMerida Flooring

Merida’s passion is in the creation of distinctive textile floor covering grounded in the principles of innovation and good design. Inspired by the unusual textures and fresh aesthetic of natural plant fibers, we began importing Sisal to sell as a commercial grade wall covering. Noting its successful use as floor covering in Europe, Merida soon began promoting natural fibers as floor covering in the U.S. Initially, most people used it for wall-to-wall installations, but as the use of hardwood floors grew in popularity, Merida saw an opportunity to develop an area rug business. By innovatively combining the distinctively textured broadloom material with an extensive selection of edge finishing tapes, Merida was able to offer customers a level of customization and personalization that was unavailable elsewhere. Our rugs could be created in sizes and shapes to fit most any room, and could further be personalized through a selection of over 300 different edge finishes ranging from Cotton Twill to the finest French Tapestries.

Many thought plant fiber floor covering was a fad; yet it has evolved into much more. As the years progressed Merida continued to introduce and promote new and unusual natural fibers such as Hemp, Jute, Bamboo and Seagrass. Consumers were drawn to their neutral color and distinctive texture, and for their ability to help create visual interest in the home without detracting from other furnishings. Ultimately, Merida’s natural fibers have proven themselves timeless for their clean, sophisticated aesthetic, and for their ability to reflect the grace of living with natural materials.