Karelia Wood Floors

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About Karelia Wood Floors

Karelia Wood FloorsKarelia Wood Floors

Genuine Karelia is made from nature's own material, timber. Modern production methods ensure that the traditional qualities and attractiveness of timber are displayed in a high quality floor that is easy to lay and simple to maintain.

The various species of Karelia wood flooring echo individual lifestyles - they create a peaceful ambience and provide impressive settings for your furniture and soft furnishings. The unique grain pattern of timber gives life to your home and creates unlimited possibilities for fresh furnishing solutions wherever people gather together, both in the home and in public buildings. Whichever Karelia wood flooring you choose, you will feel an affinity with nature.

The beauty and fascination of Karelia flooring stems from its traditional use as a practical construction material. Timber has been used for the benefit of the community as long as mankind has existed. The very first wooden floors were made over three thousand years ago. A rich variety of wood species has been selected for Karelia wood flooring. Each species has a unique image. You can choose fresh sensuous light colours or exotic dark colours.

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