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A method of carpet manufacture in which surface yarns are sewn or "punched" through a primary backing material. The needles of the tufting machine form loops which are hooked by loopers on the underside of the backing material and which remain loops in level or textured loop carpet. Alternatively, the loops are tufted and cut with knives to create cut pile carpet. The tufted fabric is then coated with an adhesive to adhere a secondary back to provide durability and stability.

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Rheo Morph
... a symbiotic relationship with rivers and hospitality spaces. Rheo Morph encourages respect for and protection of our water ecosystems. Rheo Morph is available in Definity, Durkan’s exclusive tufting technology that offers supreme creative flexibility across color, pattern and texture. The collection is also available in Durkan’s Pattern Perfect, PDI carpet tile, and tufted broadloom. ...
Commercial (Woven) Carpet Woven Commercial CarpetWoven commercial carpet is created using traditional weaving methods where the carpet fibers are interlaced on a loom. This technique differs from the more common tufting process and results in a unique set of characteristics that are particularly appealing in commercial settings. Advantages of Woven Carpet in Commercial Spaces ...
Commercial Loop Pile
...h5>Understanding Loop Pile CarpetingLoop pile carpeting is characterized by its uncut yarn loops, which create a smooth, consistent surface. This type of carpeting is crafted by weaving or tufting yarn through a backing and leaving the loops intact, as opposed to cutting them like in cut pile carpets. The tightness and height of these loops can vary, leading to a range of textures and s...