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Carpet produced on a weaving loom in which the lengthwise yarns and widthwise yarns are interlaced to form the fabric, including the face and the backing.

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Karastan Uses Facebook for its Home for the Holidays Promotion
...s her prize, Barrere selected Karastan’s Pavilion Twilight rug as her “favorite” because she loved the rich jewel-toned colors and thought it would be the perfect piece to “dress up” her dining room. Woven on Axminster looms of New Zealand wool, Pavilion Twilight offers a modern design—a carnival of floating and overlapping medallions creating a kaleidoscope of visual interest. “I put it i...
Wilton Carpet
...cut-pile finish. Although the continuous yarn theoretically makes wilton the strongest of carpets, it limits the design potential, as only a maximum of five colors can be used together. wilton can be woven as a textured design with two yarns, usually of slightly different shades of the same color; one shade is a higher-cut pile and the other is shorter and left looped to create a three-dimensional...
Commercial (woven)
...Woven carpet is created on looms that take face and backing yarns and simultaneously weave them into a complete product. A latex back coating is usually applied for stability and a separate carpet cushion is usually used, although other attached cushions are available for various performance needs. Principal variations of woven carpet include velvet, Wilton, and Axminster.
Velvet (woven)
...Commercial velvet carpet is one of three types of industrially woven carpets (others include Axminster and Wilton). Commercial Velvet carpet is normally cut-pile; available in a limitless range of colors, textures and patterns. Commercial velvet carpets are elegant constructions with fine, densely packed, tightly twisted tufts. The tufts in commercial velvet carpet appear to bl...