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The mixing of staple fibers before they are carded, drafted and spun into yarn. Blending is done for consistency in the final yarn and is a critical step to avoid "streaks" in a carpet.

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Godfrey Hirst EverLux Xtra
... The Godfrey Hirst EverLux Xtra is fortified with ALL PET PROTECTION AND WARRANTY, an all-inclusive coverage for all pets, and all mishaps, at all times. With XTRA Technology at its core, blending the finest and most exclusive fibers, we provide boundless design possibilities, pushing the boundaries of fashionable appeal and robust performance. ...
The Kashmere Collection
...oors, making them effortless to clean and ensuring their longevity, allowing you to enjoy beautiful living spaces without worry. Their XTRA collection awakens infinite design possibilities by blending the finest, most exclusive yarn to create fashionable and exceptionally performing floors. Supported by the All Pet Protection and Warranty, XTRA ensures a beautiful and effortless life by co...
SmartStrand amazing shades that set your home apart. ColorMax offers superior color saturation and enhanced color clarity in every fiber. The ColorMax color palette is specifically made to coordinate with the blending you see in natural products like wood and stone. Extraordinary Carpet in Extraordinary SituationsFor families who do it all, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet ha...