Create a Crafty Bistro at Home

Create a Crafty Bistro at HomeThis fall, toast the coming of cooler nights by gathering friends to enjoy an assortment of wines and refreshments against the backdrop of your very own Bordeaux bistro. You can recreate this simple warmth and elegance in your home with craft projects that set the mood for an evening of intimate laughter and decadent indulgence. Candlelight can instantly transform a room, so incorporate simple decorative touches featuring candles that blend modern style and old world ambiance. An ombre dye effect creates a vivid impression on a simple arrangement of corks with the Uncorked Candle Holder, a project from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Burlap and jute detailing bring rustic flair. On the dinner table, every setting needs some sparkle. Colorful beads shimmer between cork squares on artfully designed Cork and Bead Napkin Rings. Choose beads in coordinating colors for maximum visual appeal, and pair with richly toned linens stitched with contrasting thread for an ultra-sophisticated look. For more crafty ideas to help you toast the arrival of fall, visit www. Uncorked Candle Holder Crafting time: 1-2 hours Skill level: Some experience necessary Supplies and Tools: Rit dye 3 disposable cups Hot water 16 decorative wine corks Paintbrush Scissors 2-inch burlap ribbon 3-inch square glass container Adhesive or glue Jute cord 1. Prepare 3 cups of dyeing solutions: 1 cup very concentrated with dye, 1 cup watered-down with dye and 1 cup of water. 2. Apply dye to corks with paintbrush to create an ombre effect, with the darkest, most concentrated color at the bottom, followed by the watered-down dye. Use the water to blend one layer of color into the next. Allow to dry. 3. Use scissors to trim burlap ribbon to fit around perimeter of glass container. Glue in place and allow to dry. 4. Glue dyed corks on top of burlap ribbon. 5. Wrap jute cord around corks. Use scissors to trim as needed, and finish with a bow or tassel. Cork and Bead Napkin Rings Crafting time: 1-2 hours Skill level: Some experience necessary Makes 1 ring and 6 napkins Supplies and Tools: Scissors Ruler 12 inches stretch jewelry cord 1/8-inch thick cork sheet Thick needle or pin 15-20 bicone crystal beads 1 1/2 yards 45-inch home decor fabric 3 spools of thread in contrasting color Serger overlock sewing machine Basic sewing supplies Rotary cutter and mat (optional) 1. Cut a 12-inch length of jewelry cord. 2. Cut 15 to 20 half-inch squares from cork sheet. 3. Pierce a hole through center of all cork squares using needle or pin. 4. Alternate threading bicone crystals and cork squares along 7 inches of jewelry cord. 5. Tie cord ends together and knot three or four times. Trim excess. 6. Repeat instructions to create additional rings for napkins. 7. To make napkins, cut six 18-inch squares from fabric. 8. Serge around edges with short-length overlock stitch. #11959 Source: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores