5 Reasons Why Terrazzo Tiles May Be Perfect For Your Flooring Needs

5 Reasons Why Terrazzo Tiles May Be Perfect For Your Flooring Needs

If you have a building or public space in need of a flooring upgrade, you may consider using terrazzo tile. A low-maintenance flooring option that’s been around for decades, terrazzo is made by blending marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement binder. The results provide durability, but also visual depth, and its unmistakable mid-century look has seen an enormous resurgence in popularity in recent years, applied at modern hot spots like Warby Parker and Salt & Straw stores.

Here are five reasons why terrazzo tile could be the best flooring decision you ever make:

It Looks Amazing. Since terrazzo tile is manufactured by mixing different elements together, you can choose almost any design or color. You can have black, white, neutral or colorful textures. Monochromatic looks are becoming especially popular, with tile’s marble chips and mineral pigments providing more texture and depth than ceramics or wood. Terrazzo tile offers the smooth style and strength of concrete but with more aesthetic versatility.

Long-Term Durability. Terrazzo is one of the most durable tiling materials, more so than stone and ceramic. If the surface gets worn down over the years, it can be refinished and polished to look like new again.

Easy To Install. Terrazzo tile can be applied as traditional tile, making it valuable for multi-story installations, and perfectly suited for the interiors of large institutional buildings.

Custom Design Capabilities. Thinking about a centerpiece logo? Something distinctive to your organization? Go for it. Tectura’s water-jet cut tiles can be pieced together to create whatever’s in your mind’s eye. Moreover, it can be made to match to any existing materials. Have some fun.

It’s Affordable. Terrazzo tile holds its quality over a long period of time, with minimal traditional maintenance required. It’s a beautiful product with tremendous value, providing real, economic advantages over ceramic or porcelain tiles, especially when talking about custom color runs at 5,000 square feet. Plus, with Tectura Designs, you can get terrazzo tile shipped for a flat rate of just $495, no matter the quantity, anywhere in the United States.

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