Dogwood® Densified Wood Flooring

Dogwood® Densified Wood Flooring

Pets don’t have to dash your dreams of a hardwood-filled home. If you love the feel of real hardwood floors but believe you can’t have them because your dog’s nails will gouge the wood, we have great news for you. Hardwood floors and pets can live in perfect harmony.

Kid & Pet Friendly
Dogwood® densified wood flooring is our revolutionary, patent-pending process that creates “densified wood,” a pure 100% natural wood floor that is incredibly resistant to scratches, gouges and dents – and pet nails and accidents.

Dogwood® densified wood flooring delivers water-resistant protection, protecting your floors from the occassional pet accident.

Mold & Mildew Resistant
Our new Cleantivity™ antimicrobial coating technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Made in the USA
Best of all, Dogwood® densified wood flooring is hardwood flooring made right here in the USA.

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Bruce Hardwood Flooring

A trusted brand for over a century. Superior quality through exacting precision in the milling process and rigorous inspections featuring up to 75 quality checkpoints. A luxurious selection of design styles, colors, species, and specialty finishes.

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Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Barnwood Living
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Barnwood Living
Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Exclusively designed and curated for Bruce by popular home improvement TV star, Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders. His inspiration for the line comes from the timeworn character of reclaimed barnwood that he uses to build homes across the country....


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