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Unlock the Comfort and Style of Mohawk Carpets: A Guide to Transforming Your Home


Choosing the right flooring is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it's a decision that affects the ambiance, comfort, and overall value of your home. The perfect floor can elevate your living space, making it more welcoming and enhancing your quality of life. Among the myriad of options available, Mohawk Carpet stands out as a top choice for homeowners who prioritize quality, durability, and style. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, Mohawk Carpet has established itself as a leader in the flooring industry.

Why Mohawk Carpet?

  • Quality Craftsmanship
    Since the first Mohawk carpets were introduced in 1878, the brand has committed to integrating quality into every product. This dedication to excellence is evident in the superior craftsmanship and materials used in their carpets. Mohawk’s revolutionary product innovation and award-winning design are supported by a talented team, ensuring that every piece of flooring is built to last while leading the industry with trusted flooring solutions.
  • Durability for Active Lifestyles
    Understanding the challenges of busy households, Mohawk Carpet designs flooring that can withstand the demands of active families. From pets to high foot traffic, Mohawk’s carpets are engineered to maintain their integrity and appearance over time, ensuring your investment looks beautiful for years to come.
  • Eco-Friendly Options
    Mohawk takes its environmental responsibility seriously, investing in sustainable practices and developing renewably sourced products. From carpets made with recycled bottles to energy-efficient manufacturing processes, choosing Mohawk means making a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing quality or style.

Style & Selection

  • Versatile Design Choices
    With a vast array of styles, colors, and textures, Mohawk Carpet caters to diverse home aesthetics. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, you’ll find a Mohawk carpet that complements your unique style.
  • Innovative Technology
    Mohawk leads with innovation, offering carpets that are not only stylish but also feature advanced benefits. Technologies like the All Pet® Warranty and Continuum® process ensure that your flooring is as practical as it is beautiful.

The Perfect Fit for Active Families

  • Family-Friendly
    Mohawk’s features and benefits are perfectly aligned with the needs of families. Carpets are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing you more time to enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Enhancing Home Value
    Investing in high-quality flooring like Mohawk can significantly increase your home's resale value. Its lasting beauty and durability make it an attractive feature to prospective buyers.
  • Testimonials
    Local homeowners consistently choose Mohawk Carpet for its unmatched quality and style. Their satisfaction is a testament to the value and comfort that Mohawk brings to their homes.

Why Choose Us as Your Mohawk Carpet Retailer?

  • Expert Guidance
    Our team offers personalized service and expert guidance, helping you select the perfect Mohawk Carpet flooring to meet your needs.
  • Wide Selection
    We carry an extensive range of Mohawk Carpet products, ensuring you have access to the best selections and latest innovations.
  • Installation Services
    Our professional installation services guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience, from selection to installation.


Mohawk Carpet represents the pinnacle of flooring solutions, offering a combination of durability, style, and eco-friendly options. Whether you're updating a single room or redesigning your entire home, Mohawk has the perfect carpet to match your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

We invite you to visit our store or contact us for a personal consultation. Explore the transformative power of Mohawk Carpet flooring options and take the first step towards a more beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable home.

Speak with a knowledgeable representative at Buck's Decorating Center and learn more about the quality and integrity of the Mohawk Carpet brand. Stop in and see them today at their Godfrey store or give them a call at 618-466-2581.

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Buck's Decorating Center does not carry every style of Mohawk Carpet at their Godfrey location. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

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Mohawk Carpet

When it comes to a carpet that truly has it all, look no further than SmartStrand. Where traditional carpets fall short, the innovative fibers in SmartStrand Forever Clean offer unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance and long-lasting durability. Truly a worry-free solution, SmartStr...


SmartStrand All Pet protection
SmartStrand All Pet protection
Mohawk Carpet

SmartStrand is still the softest, most durable and easiest to clean carpet on the planet. SmartStrand includes Mohawk’s exclusive All Pet protection, the most comprehensive pet warranty in the industry, covering all pets, all accidents, all the time....



Durability to the Max: The SmartStrand Silk

To prove, once and for all, that our ultimate carpet is as strong as it is soft, we took SmartStrand Silk to the Birmingham Zoo to meet Max the Rhino. It’s the SmartStrand Challenge—taken to the Max.

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SmartStrand Forever Clean - The World's Most Tested and Proven Carpet

SmartStrand has been tested and proven for over a decade in homes just like yours. The durability in each and every fiber delivers supreme softness without sacrificing performance. And when it comes to stains, SmartStrand’s built-in protection is unmatched and won’t wear or wash off – meaning it’s perfect for every member of the family. Even the furry ones. Experience the extraordinary, worry-free difference of SmartStrand. There’s never been a carpet more tested and proven.

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Playroom Makeover with Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring

We gave our new Air.o hypoallergenic soft flooring to real people like Julie from to see it in action in her home. Check out her playroom makeover.

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Best Carpet for Kids

If you have a home with kids, then you know that selecting the right carpet comes with careful consideration. Of course, carpets need to be soft and comfortable, but can they stand up to wear and stains too?

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How Carpet is Made from Recycled Bottles - EverStrand

Can one person make a difference? One company? Follow one water bottle's journey through the process of being transformed from recycable material to fully recycled Mohawk Everstrand carpet fiber.

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Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring from Mohawk

Keeping your home clean is hard when dust, dirt and allergens are looming. Help Minimize these allergens with Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring from Mohawk. From its surface to attached premium cushion, Air.o won’t absorb any moisture helping to prevent the growth of allergens. It also releases dust, dirt and pet dander more easily when vacuumed. Air.o has no VOC’s or odor and is latex-free. That’s right, no “New carpet” smell. Experience “pure peace of mind” with Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring.

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Best Carpet for Pets

If you could ask your furry friends what kind of carpet they'd purchase, they'd say Mohawk's SmartStrand. It's made with stain resistance and durability in mind. We love our pets and they spend a lot of time laying on the floor, so why not give them the best carpet possible? If Mohawk's SmartStrand carpet stood up to a rhino, it can handle any sort of wear and tear that your pet can throw at it.

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  • Monawk's Air.o - Pure Peace of Mind. Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring
  • SmartStrand - The Best Carpet for Pet Owners Yet.
  • EverStrand - Eco Friendly Carpet
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When you choose a soft flooring option that’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean and VOC-Free, you're choosing pure peace of mind. Air.o's fibers don't absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes. That's nothing to sneeze at. Learn More

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When it comes to a carpet that truly has it all, look no further than SmartStrand. Where traditional carpets fall short, the innovative fibers in SmartStrand Forever Clean offer unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance and long-lasting durability. Truly a worry-free solution, SmartStrand Forever Clean is the perfect flooring for busy households. Learn More

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If you want the cleanest, most sustainable carpet for your home, opt for EverStrand. This premium PET polyester fiber is thoroughly purified for the cleanest strand and easy to keep clean with advanced soil and stain protection. And, with up to 100% recycled content, it's the world's most sustainable carpet. Learn More

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You've made a great investment by choosing Mohawk carpet. Your new carpet will last for years, and with the right care and maintenance, you'll be able to keep it looking new and extend its life. Learn More

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While do-it-yourself home improvement projects are increasingly popular, installing carpet is a specialized skill. At Mohawk, we recommend finding a professional installation team to make sure your new carpet is expertly installed so you'll be satisfied with it for years to come. Once you find a professional installer, there are a few ways to prepare for your new carpet's arrival. Learn More

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