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Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring
Beautiful Wood Floors and Installation - Visit Michael's Carpet & Vinyl, Lakeland Area's Wood Flooring Experts!

Wood flooring has been the flooring option of choice in homes throughout the country for over a century. At Michael's Carpet & Vinyl, their custom wood flooring experts can help you choose a wood floor that complements your interior home decor and fits your budget. Michael's Carpet & Vinyl has a large selection of wood flooring from the industry's leading manufacturers, like Hartco® Wood Flooring, among others, to choose from.

Timeless Elegance
Most professional interior designers agree - nothing beats the beauty of a wood floor. Made to enhance and accentuate any decor, wood flooring adds a touch of elegance to any room, and can easily complement a variety of furniture and accessories.

Quality and Variety
From traditional oak or cherry floors to the uniqueness of cork or bamboo, wood flooring options have exploded in recent years. Along with the large variety of wood floor styles, wood flooring also varies in quality. Consult with a flooring expert and installer to make sure you select the type of floor that meets your needs from both practical and aesthetic perspectives.

Worth the Investment
Installing wood flooring is a significant investment that adds value as well as beauty to your home. Today's wood flooring choices include many styles with long warranties that require minimal maintenance to keep their finish looking great for years.

Before You Buy
Investing in wood flooring requires careful consideration of the type, style, and grade of the many wood floor options available. They can help! They carry a large variety of wood flooring from the industry's leading manufacturers. And when it comes time to install your new wood floor, their professional installation experts will complete your project to your exact specifications. Call them today at for your consultation! Michael's Carpet & Vinyl - Proudly serving the Lakeland area since 1977.

Try Michael's Carpet & Vinyl's Hardwood Flooring Visualizer

They have the most advanced hardwood flooring visualizer on the planet. You can snap a photo of your room, and the tool will showcase the hardwood flooring you select in your room in seconds. You can buy hardwood flooring confidently, knowing that the hardwood will match and fit your space. No apps to download and no lengthy instructions to read — it just works!
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Michael's Carpet & Vinyl does not carry every style of wood flooring. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

Hartco® Wood Flooring - Lakeland FL
Hartco® Wood Flooring

Roomvo Visualizer

Hartco Quality Wood Flooring, among the top flooring brands in the world, has a reputation among commercial designers for design freedom. Hartco's range and flexibility also satisfies a yearning for a highly personal, custom style in the home. Hartco patterns and contrasts help define interiors, from traditional to the avant-garde.More

    ROOMVO Visualizer

    The Most Advanced Visualizer on the Planet

    Instant Results
    Instant Results

    Snap a photo, and we showcase hardwood flooring in their room in seconds.

    Unprecedented Realism
    Unprecedented Realism

    You can buy confidently, knowing that hardwood flooring will match and fit their space.

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