Benson Paints does not carry every style of paints/coatings. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

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Benjamin Moore Paints - Jacksonville FL
Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore & Co. has produced quality paint since 1883, when the young Benjamin Moore, a recent Irish immigrant, began his paint business venture with his brother, William, in a small building in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Benjamin Moore & Co. continues to develop and produce new paint products, such as Pristine, a solvent-free, low odor, low VOC, water-thinnable coating system that utilizes our own advanced materials technology. More

    Kemiko Concrete Stain - Jacksonville FL
    Kemiko Concrete Stain

    The perfect choice for interior and exterior concrete use. ... Affordable, virtually maintenance free; eight beautiful colors for luxurious, elegant, permanent flooring. Kemiko Stone Tone Stain, Wax, and Sealer transform concrete into an elegant floor that resembles a natural stone appearance.More

      Krylon® Paint - Jacksonville FL
      Krylon® Paint

      Krylon Products Group will make your indoor, outdoor, or specialty project turn out beautifullevery time. Our quality aerosol paint products cover every requirement you might have, including high-temperature and rust prevention needs.More

        Minwax® - Jacksonville FL

        Wood adds warmth to any home. From gleaming hardwood floors to glowing doors and molding, Minwax® products help you bring the beauty of wood into your home in a way that complements your lifestyle.More

          Plasti-Kote® - Jacksonville FL

          The Plasti-Kote name has been synonymous with premium quality, innovative, specialty coatings for over 75 years. Having the best products in the marketplace has enabled us to achieve this status and consistently meet new challenges.More

            Rust-Oleum® - Jacksonville FL

            This high quality paint is specially formulated to resist moisture and corrosion. Recommended for outdoor light fixtures, patio furniture, door hardware, wheelbarrows, railings & mailboxes, doors & window trim, wrought iron, bicycles & wagons.More

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              • How often will I have to repaint my home?
              • Can I paint over aluminum siding?
              • What primer should be used on bare or weathered wood?
              • Do I have to be at home while the painting is being done?
              • How should I prepare the house for the painters arrival?
              • How do you protect my furniture?
              • I applied paint over a textured ceiling and it looks terrible. What happened?
              • How do I remove old wallpaper?
              • Do we have to worry about the weather?
              • How do I clean the walls before I paint?
              • How do I stop mildew from forming?
              A quality paint job will last 5-8 years.  Some variables included in that estimate are the number of trees and shrubs, sprinkler systems aimed at the house and window A/C's.  Each of these can reduce the longevity of the paint's lifespan.  A more exact time estimate can be provided once your unique situation has been evaluated by our professionals.
              Yes.  Latex house paint is recommended for use on aluminum siding, doors, etc.
              For best penetration, oil primer should be used and will stop bleeding from oil stains and tannin trapped underneath.
              No you don't, BENSON PAINTS will arrive at the house before you leave for work, or special arrangements can be made to pick up a key.
              Benson Paints can do all the preparation, including removing light switch covers and moving all furniture.
              The furniture is moved to the middle of the room and covered in plastic.  We use drop cloths on all floors.

              When the textured ceiling was applied, it may not have have required paint.  Later when it needs to be  brightened up, it requires a primer before painting.  A self-priming finish coat may also be used.  In this case, the paint was absorbed into the ceiling at varying rates due to differing porosity throughout the surface.

              Removing old wallpaper is a labor intensive job.  Use a drop cloth.  Score the wallpaper in circular motions being careful not to damage the wall underneath. As per the manufacturers instructions, apply the wallpaper remover and allow it to soak in.  Use a spray bottle with warm water to keep the wall paper moist.  Starting at the top, use a scraper to get an area started.  Once it is loosened, you may be able to use a 12" taping knife.  Apply additional solution as needed until the job is complete.

              Using adhesive remover and a damp sponge, wash any residue off the wall and repair any damaged areas.  Repairs can be completed with spackle or all purpose joint compound.  Let it dry completely and sand the area.  Two or more coats may be required.

              Paint should not be applied during the extreme cold or on exposed areas during rain.   Latex paints dry quickly, it only takes a short time for the paint to set.

              The surface must be free of dirt, grease, mildew, and any other contaminates or the paint will have inferior adhesion.  A surface cleaning with a powdered soap and water solution followed by a clear water rinse.  Avoid cleaners containing ammonia.   If you suspect mildew is present, prepare a mix of a quart of household bleach to 3 quarts water and wash the area thoroughly, let it sit on the surface for at least 10 minutes prior to rinsing.  Ensure adequate ventilation when using bleach for respiratory protection.


              Clean off any existing mildew before applying the new paint is important.  A mildewcide can be added to the new paint before it is applied.  Cleaning it off existing surfaces is done by using a commercial mildew solution.  Test the surface first and rinse thoroughly with warm water.