Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Wall Decor
Benson Paints does not carry every style of wall decor. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

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Blue Mountain Wallcoverings  - Jacksonville FL
Blue Mountain Wallcoverings

Our roster of is made up of the worlds most recognized name brands and licenses, Blue is committed to strengthening it’s position as an industry leader.More

    Brewster Wallcovering - Jacksonville FL
    Brewster Wallcovering

    Brewster Wallcovering Company is a leading producer and distributor of wallpaper, borders, fabrics and accessories.More

      Eisenhart Wallcoverings - Jacksonville FL
      Eisenhart Wallcoverings

      Made by artisans who are never satisfied with "good enough"...never satisfied with anything less than Eisenhart quality.More

        Gramercy Wallpaper - Jacksonville FL
        Gramercy Wallpaper

        The Gramercy brand features an extensive selection of unique, highly-styled wallpapers and borders for the sophisticated, upper-moderate consumerMore

          Greeff Wallpaper - Jacksonville FL
          Greeff Wallpaper

          Greeff is an upscale purveyor of high-quality decorative fabrics and wallpaper to the interior design trade.More

            Patton Wallcoverings - Jacksonville FL
            Patton Wallcoverings

            Norwall is one of North America's premier manufacturers anddistributors of quality residential wallpapers and borders.More

              Schumacher Wallpaper - Jacksonville FL
              Schumacher Wallpaper

              The Schumacher brand represents the pinnacle of design and quality in decorative fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings, decorative accessories and carpets for F. Schumacher & Co.More

                Seabrook Wallcoverings - Jacksonville FL
                Seabrook Wallcoverings

                Select from thousands of products with the finest design, color and quality. Seabrook offers styles from contemporary to country, traditional to fun in thousand of patterns and designs. Products includes high quality vinyls, stringcloth, elegant Italian suede and coordinated designer fabrics.More

                  Village Wallpaper - Jacksonville FL
                  Village Wallpaper

                  Village is a leading supplier of wallpaper, borders, self-stick wall appliques and bedroom ensembles to the do-it-yourself home improvement marketMore

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                    • Do you remove wallpaper?
                    Benson Paints will remove wallpaper and is charged on a per hour basis.